Vision Of “Jan Aakrosh”

Non Government Organisations

As our name suggests, “Janaakrosh” was established to bring active citizens together to highlight important issues through education, discussion and agitation. More importantly, citizens are expected to voluntarily act as a team in securing relief for the community as a whole.

We have been actively running campaigns on various issues for each of the last 100 weeks uninterruptedly. Be it the condition of government hospitals, rising onion prices, hikes in electricity tariff or even traffic rules awareness, JANAAKROSH has been educating people of Nagpur on what their rights & duties are, and also working with the administrative departments of Government to secure the required quality of services.

JANAAKROSH’s way of action has been communicative, organized and agitating, as the cause demands. Our activists are themselves educated, aware and law-abiding citizens.

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